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Creel Taxidermy

About Us

About US

Preserving Memories, One Masterpiece at a Time

Welcome to Creel Taxidermy, your trusted partner in capturing the enduring beauty and spirit of the natural world. We are passionate about the art of taxidermy, transforming animal specimens into stunning and lasting keepsakes that commemorate cherished memories and evoke the wonder of nature.

Our Story
Creel Taxidermy is a family-owned business with a rich history dating back to [Year]. Founded by [Founder's Name], a skilled craftsman with a deep appreciation for wildlife, our company has grown from a humble workshop into a renowned taxidermy studio. For generations, the Creel family has passed down their knowledge and techniques, ensuring the quality and artistry that defines our work.
Our Philosophy


At Creel Taxidermy, we believe that taxidermy is more than just preserving a physical form. It's about capturing the essence of an animal, its unique character, and the emotions it evokes. We take pride in using time-honored techniques and the finest materials to create museum-quality mounts that stand the test of time.
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