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Caribou Taxidermy Shoulder Mount For Sale

  • Note: SCI Bronze Medal
  • Overall Grade: Elite
  • Common Name: Barren Ground Caribou
  • Latin Name: Rangifer tarandus granti
  • Description of Taxidermy For Sale

    For sale, we have an amazing Barren Ground Caribou taxidermy shoulder mount. The mount is posed in an upright position, looking slightly to its left out into the room. The hide and hair are in outstanding condition and features a really nice, thick mane light-colored mane. The antlers are fantastic, achieving an SCI Bronze Medal Score of 371 6/8″. All of these fantastic characteristics combine to earn this caribou our Premier Plus™ overall quality rating. All applicable measurements and dimensions are provided to help ensure this item will fit within your intended space, as well as meet expectations regarding the item’s featured attribute sizes, scores, etc.

    – This item comes with a hanger already attached to the back.

    – It will hang on a single properly anchored large headed bolt or screw.

    – This caribou exceeds the Safari Club International Bronze Medal trophy book score requirement.

    – Additional Points: L-12: 1 2/8″  R-12:15 6/8″  R-13: 0 5/8″  R-14: 13 2/8″  R-15: 0 6/8″  R-16: 11 1/8″  R-17: 8 1/8″  R-18: 1 4/8″  R-19: 5 2/8″

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