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Authentic Polar Bear Claw Taxidermy For Sale

  • Overall Grade: Elite
  • Common Name: Polar Bear
  • Latin Name: Ursus maritimus
  • Description of Taxidermy For Sale


    This is a fantastic, authentic pre 1972 polar bear claw, measuring 3″ in length. The claw itself is in fantastic shape, with great color brilliant white bone and minimal checking earning our Premier Plus overall quality rating. Claw length is included to help ensure this item will fit your intended display method.

    – Each claw comes with a certificate number.

    – This bear was harvested before the Marine Mammal Act of 1972 making it legal to sell.


    About the Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus)

    The majestic Polar Bear roams the Arctic ice, and it’s surrounding coastal waters. They are surprisingly strong, agile swimmers and their large, slightly webbed front paws to paddle and navigate the frigid waters. Polar Bear depends on a thick coat of insulated fur, which covers a warming layer of fat. Their unmistakeable white coat provides camouflage around the surrounding snow, yet under their fur, they have black skin which aids them in soaking up the sun’s warm rays. Polar bear mothers typically have twins, who they raise until around the age of two, or until they can hunt for fish and seal on their own.

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