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Wood Duck Taxidermy Bird Mount For Sale


  • Overall Grade: World Class
  • Common Name: wood duck
  • Latin Name: Aix sponsa
  • Description of Taxidermy For Sale

    For sale, we have a breathtaking Wood Duck Drake taxidermy duck mount, posed standing on a custom habitat base. The feathers and coloration are both in absolutely fantastic condition, featuring rich blue, orange and yellow highlights. Along with the perfect coloration, this duck features unmatched taxidermy craftsmanship and outstanding attention to detail, qualifying this mount for our World Class™ overall quality rating. All applicable sizes and dimensions are included to make sure this item will fit within your intended display space.

    – Great for a mantle, shelf, ledge, table, or countertop.

    *This item requires a transfer form. You will be emailed an electronic form after purchase that must be signed before this duck can be shipped. This form can be signed on your phone or computer and takes less than one minute.

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